Orange County

The Orange County chapter has expanded since it was first formed in 2007. We now have hubs forming in Middletown and Pine Island, in addition to our hub in Newburgh. As we grow we continue to explore new locations. In our county, low income communities struggle to find housing that is affordable and in good condition.The region was hit hard by the housing crisis, leaving hundreds of abandoned buildings throughout the city of Newburgh. Our chapter constantly puts pressure on city government in Newburgh to enforce housing codes while holding landlords and banks responsible for blight and abominable housing conditions. In addition, unemployment is high and individuals struggle to find good paying work in the region as a result of having a criminal record coupled with a lack of transportation, lack of childcare, and more. We are building county wide in an effort to build power that addresses the issues of job access and housing with members across various cities.

Transportation Access For All

Everyone should have access to transportation regardless of immigration status. In the Hudson Valley region, bus and train access is limited and one must have a car to get around. The problem is if you are undocumented you don’t have a social security number, so, therefore, no way to apply for a drivers license.  

Members of Community Voices Heard, particularly in the Lower and Mid-Hudson Valley, are fighting to remove the box on the NY State Identification application that, if removed,  would clear a path for those without a social security number to apply for a license.

•For more information or to get involved, contact our Orange County Organizer Ignacio Acevedo (, 845-562-2020