Member Stories

Tama Bell

I got to use my leadership skills to help run large public meetings where we demanded that our system be improved, not destroyed. We confronted the Mayor in his office demanding improvements, not abandonment. We used our people power and we won big time. We brought in new members and built new power. I’m so proud of CVH Dutchess Chapter!

Lorraine Knox

In September I was selected to attend a PB National Conference in Oakland, CA—there were hundreds of people from all over US. I educated one of the leaders I met there and now he’s on a planning board—a guy named Joey (I called him Jose); to this day we stay in contact!

Von Franklin

In August 2014 I was asked to join CVH’s Public Housing Committee—to provide input for Next Generation NYCHA. I canvassed people in the neighborhood (Millbrook Houses); I asked them questions about conditions in their apartments, collected information about what was going on in the community, informed them about what NYCHA was doing, and how they could get involved. We engaged over 1,000 people in conversations to get them involved and educated on housing practices.