Public Housing

CVH’s public housing campaign has been fighting to save and improve public housing in New York City since 2006. The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) operates 343 developments of public housing throughout the five boroughs and is home to 5.1% of the city’s population. However, public housing is in a state of financial crisis. NYCHA has been operating with a deficit, leading to deteriorating conditions and cutbacks in services for residents. Further, NYCHA is attempting to balance its budget on the backs of its residents through rent and fee increases and further cuts in services. CVH’s public housing campaign has been focusing on securing funds from our elected officials at all levels- city, state and federal- to ensure the stability of NYCHA for its low to moderate income residents.

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Boston Consulting Group's Secretive $10 Million Report on NYCHA Not So Shady After All

By Jason Lewis | Sept. 28, 2012

The Boston Consulting Group's $10 million evaluation of the New York City Housing Authority's central office and infrastructure has all the makings of some good old chunky scandal-soup:

1) The chairman of an already cash-strapped NYCHA signs off on a $10 million contract with a private consulting firm that he used to work for.

CVH & Washington Houses Residents Tell NYCHA: Don't Dump on Our Homes!

Throughout the Winter and Spring of 2012, the Public Housing campaign has been working with residents of Washington Houses to call for NYCHA to stop its proposal to destroy a public picnic area by moving garbage compactors into that space.  We have been doing public meetings, press events, work with elected officials, and more to raise visibility by this unwise plan NYCHA has been advancing.