Statewide Efforts

June 2012: Comm. to Save NY & Cuomo Administration Coordinating to Auction Government Access

"We are seeing a Governor that seems to have put his editorial byline, his State of the State, and even the State's Constitution up for auction, with the most well-connected New Yorkers brokering the sale"

(June 5, 2012) The following statement was released today by Agnes Rivera from Community Voices Heard and Wayne Starks from VOCAL-NY:

New York Needs Fair Elections!

CVH is working to open up the election system in New York State. Campaigns are funded by the mega-rich and corporations, voting rules present serious obstacles, and the way legislative maps are drawn protect the elected officials not the New Yorkers that live there. We need fair elections that limit the overwhelming influence of big money and huge corporate contributions and instead provide opportunities for New Yorkers of all backgrounds to run for elected office.